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American Fugitive

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About American Fugitive

American Fugitive is a classic action game with an open world and an isometric view. The founders of the Fallen Tree Games company that developed this project are also famous for other first-class offspring: TimeSplitters, Crysis, Black and Goldeneye 007: Reloaded. .

In the quiet town of Redrock, a criminal life boils. You are Will Riley. Not an angel, but not a killer. After being accused of cold-blooded murder of your father, grief and thirst for revenge overwhelm you. You run away to find the culprit. In the wild, you have to mingle with the crowd and establish ties with the underworld, staying one step ahead of the police.

The game, filled with nostalgia for films and games of the past, takes place in the south of the country in the 1980s.
Time works against you, and JUSTICE IS NOT ALWAYS LEGAL.


  • CLASSIC ACTION IN MODERN PROCESSING. You will find a slaughterhouse in isometric form, magnificent three-dimensional graphics, destructible surroundings, an exciting plot and grandiose car chases.
  • COMPLETE ACTION BASED ON THE ORIGINAL SCENARIO. You will reveal secrets, face deceit and self-interest, immerse yourself in the vicissitudes and plot twists, meet offenders and human rights defenders of all stripes.
  • ENCHANTING OPEN WORLD. Walk on foot or on wheels around Redrock County, enjoying a beautiful example of an American town from the 80s.
  • CHANCE TO LIVE AS A CRIMINAL. Rob at home, steal cars, arm yourself to the teeth. Just don't get caught!
  • DRIVING SKILLS. Pedal to the floor! Challenge yourself in races and stunts marked for passing around the world on any of the many available modes of transport.
  • A LOT OF ACTIVITIES. Always be vigilant: performing tasks from criminal authorities, looking for caches, cleaning houses and shops or selling works of art. Selling cops will do anything to put you in jail again!

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