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About Anthem

In a world abandoned by the gods even when created, people are threatened by a dark fraction. The villains dream of capturing ancient technologies, and only Freelancers can stop them.

Play as a team from two to four people and collect high-tech handmade armored suits with unique capabilities. Explore endless ruins, defeat dangerous enemies and get unprecedented artifacts. Your strength and capabilities of your javelin will increase with each mission. Challenge the dangers of a volatile world. As one stand up to fight evil. Win together!

Anthem opens for you a joint role-playing action in the new mysterious world from BioWare and EA.

Key gameplay features:

  • Now lone heroes will win together. Teamwork and close collaboration are at the core of Anthem. Create a team of two to four players and go in search of adventure in a world where both individual skills and teamwork are equally valued. Your role and contribution to the common cause will largely depend on the choice of a javelin - a special exosuit. Embark on a joint expedition or share your contract with friends to seek their support in difficult situations. Explore the world, and step by step you will discover an amazing story with unique bright characters. A well-thought-out teammate selection system is seamlessly integrated into the game, so you can easily and quickly find a team and go in search of adventure.
  • Choose exosuits from a whole arsenal and customize them to your liking. They are all designed to greatly enhance the pilot’s ability to attack and defend. Choose any of the powerful javelins in your collection every time you enter the game. Shoot from heavy weapons and use destructive abilities. Easily repel bumps that can crush bones. Enjoy incredible speed, cut through the sky and dive into the underwater depths. The further you advance in the game, the stronger you become. Step by step, you will develop your javelin management skills and at the same time improve the combat and tactical capabilities of the exosuits themselves.
  • Transform the javelins to your taste, showing your achievements to the world! New levels of the player and victory over formidable enemies will bring trophies, help to advance in the plot and allow you to change the look of the costumes. So you can turn them into the embodiment of your glory.
  • Explore the mysterious open world of Anthem, full of secrets and dangers! Thanks to Frostbite technology, it fascinates, constantly changes, develops, prepares surprises, challenges and promises meetings with enemies. The world of Anthem is alive, it is changing and growing. New stories, trials and events constantly appear in it. This reality is beautiful and deadly. Each new expedition will be for you and your team of Freelancers a test of strength and a test of tactical skills.

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