Ash of Gods: Redemption

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About Ash of Gods: Redemption

700 years of calm are drawing to a close. The Feast of the Spring Equinox is in full swing when a bell starts ringing on the city tower. Captain Thorne Brenin, guard Luo Feng, scribe Hopper Rowley, and many others do not yet know that the Reapers are back and intend to drown the world in blood to awaken the sleeping gods.

Written by well-known fantasy author Sergey Malitsky, Ash of Gods is a game with a deep history and a huge number of memorable characters, strong dialogs and a rich lore.

Gameplay Features:

  • Decisions with meaningful implications. Each choice, even on the battlefield, has the opportunity to change the events and the fate of your group, to become the result of big changes. But even the death of a leader will not be the end of the journey.
  • No random dice rolls. There are no dice rolls in the game that determine the chance of hitting or the strength of the blow. In Ash of Gods, a true tactician should thoroughly study the skills of each class and skillfully take advantage of a limited set of cards - or reap the consequences.
  • AI adapts to your style. Artificial intelligence Ash of Gods adapts to your style of play, preventing the game from being played using a single tactic or an invincible team.
  • PvE and PvP multiplayer. Team up with a friend to resist artificial intelligence in PvE challenges, or fight with other players for a place in the tables of the strongest. Unlock new characters, upgrades and maps to create your own unique tactics.
  • Reward for risk. Use the unit’s health for a strong attack on the enemy. Take part in battles with a small team for quick rounds and early access to strong cards. Take the short but more dangerous path to save resources. Ash of Gods rewards those who are willing to take risks.

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