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Batman: Arkham Knight

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You buy a license key for Batman: Arkham Knight to activate on Steam. Paid Batman key: Arkham Knight will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. The countdown to sending the keys is located in the "Pre-order" block (on the right). Paying for a Batman: Arkham Knight key is currently possible with all available methods: from credit cards to cash through a terminal system.

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About Batman: Arkham Knight

Presenting the Batman: Arkham Knight series from WB Games hardly makes sense. Any player who is close to the action genre has gone through more than one part of these adventures. An open world, simple combat mechanics and an interesting stealth component made the series of games about Batman almost the standard of the genre and certainly the best game based on comics. In the new part, the Dark Knight will have to fight with the character Scarecrow, who has returned to Arkham, who has gathered an army of selected villains for this final confrontation. It will be final in every sense, Batman: Arkham Knight completes the Arkham trilogy from the developer Rocksteady and sums up the five-year efforts to please gamers.

In addition to the usual gadgets from the previous parts of the series, in Batman: Arkham Knight the main innovation will be the Batmobile, which can finally be fully controlled, engage in battles and bear retaliation. It will be possible to call the Batmobile at the request of the player anywhere on the map, he will appear on the ground immediately, and if you are in the air, the car will appear at the landing site. It will be possible to jump over obstacles, spin on the spot, break through the road and immobilize enemy vehicles with the help of rockets. There are two modes for moving and battles: Pursuit and Battle. The first makes a race car from Batmobile, and the second is more likely a tank armed to the teeth, with the possibility of strafe and 360-degree view. The bailout from Batmobile will give the Dark Knight the opportunity to immediately soar on Arkham.

And there will be something to soar! In the game Batman: Arkham Knight, the developers promise to increase the area of ​​Gotham City by 5 times compared to the previous part. A free, seamless world is exactly what is needed to instill justice, because good should not be limited by any framework. In addition to the increased area, the arsenal of retaliation of the dark knight also expanded: during the flight, the use of some gadgets became available, bringing additional interest to the gameplay. Although what could be more interesting is the action slasher with elements of stealth, racing and tank simulators :)

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