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About Battlefield 1

It's hard to imagine a shooter fan who has never heard of the Battlefiled series. The famous Battle survived several parts, began with a simulation of the events of the Second World War, went through Vietnam, shot back in modern conflicts and finally decided to turn its eyes to the First World War. The enthusiasm of the fans, tired of the "space" shooters, knew no bounds. Finally, you can get burned down in the classics and imagine yourself a participant in the conflict that occurred 100 years ago. In the end, Battlefield and its first part in particular were invented precisely for this purpose.

In the game Battlefield 1 there is both a separate campaign for one player, and multiplayer, which made the series famous. It should be noted that this time the single-player campaign is not a kind of bonus to the multiplayer. This is a full-fledged story shooter, very colorful and dramatic. You can feel the intensity of the war and its cruelty in this mode. Well, when it is completed, it's time to enjoy the multiplayer.

In multiplayer, Battlefield 1 continues the traditions of the series: large-scale battles on the ground, in the tank and in the air in several network modes, different classes of warriors, tasks on the map, etc. The coordinated actions of the teams are still important, although in fact the most important having fun, and there is more than enough of it in Battlefield 1 multiplayer, the biggest experience in producing network shooters and the obvious fatigue from the past parts affected. Any fan of the series is simply obliged to buy Battlefield 1 :)

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