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About Battletech

Jordan Weiman, designer of the original BATTLETECH / MechWarrior series and developers of the famous game Shadowrun Returns, have released a new generation of game with tactical turn-based battles on & # 39; Mech fighting vehicles.

There is 3025, the galaxy is embroiled in a cycle of eternal war unleashed by noble houses, throwing BattleMechs combat vehicles into battle. Take command of the Mechs squad with MechWarriors pilots and try to survive in a fierce interstellar civil war. Upgrade your base, enter into contracts with feudal lords, repair and maintain your BattleMechs fleet, develop and apply devastating tactics to defeat enemies on the battlefield.

Gameplay Features:

  • Command squad & # 39; mechs in turn-based battles. Enter over 30 BattleMechs in a wide variety of combinations. Use the terrain features, wisely choose positions, weapons and special abilities to outsmart and outplay enemies.
  • Manage a company of mercenaries. Hire, customize and develop unique MechWarriors pilots. Improve and customize your landing ship. Surf outer space, completing missions and strengthening your reputation among noble houses and local factions.
  • Take part in a terrible civil war. Immerse yourself in the story of the overthrown ruler who launched a brutal war to regain her throne with the support of your company of mercenaries.
  • Customize combat vehicles & # 39; mechs. Use the MechLab lab to maintain and upgrade your combat vehicles by replacing damaged weapon systems with captured equipment removed from defeated enemy vehicles.
  • Multiplayer battles with other players and against the computer. Equip & # 39; Mechs with MechWarriors to measure strength with friends, fight opponents online or test your tactics in battles against AI.

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