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You buy a license key BioShock Infinite from the official dealer 1C-Softklab to activate on Steam. The license is sent to the mail immediately after payment and is displayed on the screen of your computer. The game is in Russian, has regional restrictions - activation only in the region of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Please note that the sale also has the Season Pass key , which provides access to all BioShock Infinite add-ons.

About BioShock Infinite

1912 The United States achieved world domination, and the flying city of Columbia, opened with great fanfare under the glee of an enthusiastic audience, has become a magnificent symbol of American ideals. However, a promising undertaking soon turned into a catastrophe: for an unknown reason, the city suddenly disappeared into a sky-high distance. America’s greatest achievement has vanished without a trace ...

In this full of mysteries, the main role is given to the former detective of the Pinkerton agency Booker DeWitt. He was sent to Colombia with the aim of finding and freeing a certain Elizabeth, for whom the city of the future became a flying prison in childhood. The detective will have to establish a relationship with the girl in order to make full use of her and her unusual abilities - after all, getting out of Colombia, which loses its height every second (and therefore its collapse is only a matter of time), they will succeed only together.

Like BioShock and BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter with elements of a computer role-playing game. If the action of the previous games of the series took place in the enclosed spaces of the city of Rapture, the BioShock Infinite levels are more often open spaces, which makes the gameplay more dynamic. During BioShock Infinite, the player must travel a long way through Colombia, using weapons and various devices to complete successive missions. The main character Booker can carry only two types of weapons; at the same time, he can pick up other types of weapons and ammunition from the bodies of defeated enemies or in random places throughout the city. The hero has two scales that display health points and the state of the "shield". If damaged, the shield is restored after a few seconds, while lost health can only be replenished using a first-aid kit or food found in the city. In the event of the death of a character, the player is in a safe zone of the level, losing a small amount of money; while Booker partially restores health and ammunition, but enemies are also partially cured. A player can recover from death many times, but then he will lose all his money.


  • Immerse yourself in the bewitching atmosphere of a bright distinctive world in the style of American industrialism, embodied in the Unreal Engine 3.
  • Solving puzzles, revealing sinister secrets and fighting for life in dizzying battles under the clouds — a stay in Colombia cannot be called either boring or monotonous.
  • Use at your discretion many types of weapons and highly non-trivial abilities of heroes.
  • In a hostile celestial world, Elizabeth will become your faithful partner. And even if the game controls its actions, for you it will certainly become a real, living person.
  • Love the harsh trials and that "everything is for real"? So, the mode of increased realism - “1999” is addressed to you. Accept the challenge of developers - and you will have to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making any decision. Carefully think over the line of development of the hero - remember that the possibility of his resurrection is limited and any incorrect step can lead to a sudden end to the game.

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