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Borderlands 3

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You buy Borderlands 3 - a license key for activation on Steam. The purchased Borderlands 3 key will be sent to your mail immediately after payment.

Borderlands 3 Edition Options: Standard | Deluxe Edition | Super Deluxe Edition

About Borderlands 3

Everyone’s beloved “shooter with basillions of loot" is back to please you with a myriad of killer trunks and a new roof-top adventure! You have to conquer hitherto unseen worlds playing as one of the four new Warehouse seekers - unbelievably cool peppers, each of whom has unique skills, abilities and modifications. Acting alone or in the company of friends, you will have to fight violent opponents, collect more trophies and save your home from the ruthless psychopaths who lead the most dangerous sect in the galaxy.

Key Features:

A PERFECT ADVENTURE. You must stop the Calypso twins from uniting the gang clans and crushing the galaxy. Only you, a reckless Vault seeker, will have allies and an arsenal sufficient to overwhelm these reptiles.

YOUR HERO, YOUR STYLE. You will be able to transform into one of the four new Warehouse seekers, each with unique abilities, a wide selection of skills, a special playing style and countless modifications. Seekers of the Warehouse and alone are formidable, but together they are simply unstoppable.

  • Mose as an ARROW. During the battle, Mose can add firepower to himself by digitizing the cyborg Iron Bear.
  • Amara as SIREN. A strong and confident fighter, Sirena Amara has the ability to release ghostly fists crushing her enemies.
  • Z4LP as the HUNTER. Z4LP lives for the sake of hunting. Like his faithful pets, unquestioningly fulfilling any of his commands. And do you know who they prefer to hunt for? On miserable insignificants like local bandits.
  • Zane as an AGENT. A specialist in unusual combat gadgets, Zane is incredibly good at getting into the battlefield, provoking confusion - and stepping aside as if he had nothing to do with it.

KILL AND CHOOSE. At your service basillions of various trunks and gadgets, and each skirmish promises a new mountain of trophies. Guns with self-contained bulletproof shields? In stock. Rifles capable of generating fire-breathing volcanoes? By itself. A weapon that grows its legs and chases after enemies, spewing curses? We also have this.

NEW FRONT. You will visit worlds outside of Pandora, each with its own unique landscapes and unique enemies. Harsh deserts, ruined cities, deadly swamps await you - and more!

A JOINT GAME WITH ALL THE AMENITIES. You can at any time join a team on the network or sit together on one screen, and neither the level of the character nor the degree of passing the game is important. You will deal with enemies all together, but reap the fruits of victory - each separately. Nobody will be left without trophies!

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