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About Bound by Flame

Bound by Flame is a classic third-person RPG action. A professional mercenary from the kingdom of Dark fantasy receives a sudden gift in the form of a demon who has settled inside. A player who has undergone such an unpleasant influence will have to choose from two options: submit to evil and let him release his dark forces to the outside or resist him with good and light. Depending on the chosen path, the main character will undergo transformations that are reflected both in appearance and in combat skills.

The following classes are available in Bound by Flame:

  • Warrior - a melee class fighting with the help of long swords, heavy axes and war hammers; when a player of this class hits the target, it inflicts heavy damage. This class can fight strong opponents in close combat.
  • Ranger - a class that has excellent command of two swords, focuses on high speed of strikes and causing critical damage; owns bow and crossbow. There is also the opportunity to become invisible and move silently and covertly.
  • Pyromancer - if a player decides to abandon his humanity and instead become like a demon, he will receive demon magic. Class features: light your sword with fire and inflict great damage, cause fire spirits that will protect the player from blows, throw fire balls at enemies.

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