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You buy the game Call of duty Ghosts, a license key from the Russian publisher, the company "New Disc", to activate the Steam system. You receive a license key instantly after payment. The game has regional restrictions (activation is available only in Russia and the CIS). The game is available in Russian.

About Call of Duty Ghosts

With each release of the new part of COD it seems that there is nothing to surprise players and critics. However, the legendary Infinity Ward studio refutes this statement year after year. The constant "finished" of the graphics engine, scenario moves and game mechanics over and over again allow you to break record ratings for sales and critics' ratings. There will be no exception and the new part to buy Call of Duty Ghosts.

The events of the new part unfold in 2023, 10 years after the global catastrophe, when an unknown hacker sent a nuclear charge to large cities in America. The United States has ceased to be a hegemonic state, dictating its will to the rest of the world. A new squad of special forces Ghosts (Ghosts) is called to clean up and put everything in its place, where two brothers, the main characters of a single player campaign, enter. It is worth noting that the script for her was written by none other than Stephen Geigan, who had previously written scripts for such blockbusters as Sirian and Traffic.

Players are promised a completely new experience in multiplayer battles. Seven new modes, twenty awards and more than thirty units of new weapons. Dynamic cards will not let you fall asleep after learning all the nooks and crannies, and new game moves will keep your tone during the battle. In particular, the technology “peeping” due to an obstacle seems to be the most curious at the moment. This action in the game to buy Call of Duty Ghosts will not be performed using the usual peep button, but when approaching the wall and moving the sight down.

In addition to such fun innovations, the developers promise a complete customization of the player, improved interaction with the game environment and other excesses.

Features of the Call of duty Ghosts gameplay:

  • Customization of the appearance of the players.
  • Interactive maps where most objects can collapse or deform so that the tactical placement of the battle changes completely.
  • New game movements: slide, tackle, peeping, etc.
  • Closer interaction with the Call of duty Ghosts
  • gaming environment
  • The technology of increasing the number of polygons as the player draws closer will make the battle battle more colorful.
  • Significantly enhanced artificial intelligence of enemies in a single player campaign.
  • Dog!

How to activate Call of duty Ghosts on Steam?

  1. If you don’t have Steam installed, download and install it .
  2. Run the installed Steam client and log in to your Steam account or create a new one if you do not already have it.
  3. To activate the purchased Call of duty Ghosts key, in the top menu, open the “Games” item and click on “Activate on Steam”.
  4. In the window that appears, you will be asked to accept the Steam subscriber agreement, and then they will be shown a form for entering the activation key. Enter the purchased Call of duty Ghosts activation key and click "Next".
  5. After successfully activating the key, Call of duty Ghosts will appear in the "Games Library", from where you can download and install it.

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