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Children of Morta

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You buy Children of Morta - a license key for activation on Steam. The purchased key will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. You can pay for your purchase in any way convenient for you: from a bank card to cash through the terminal system.

About Children of Morta

Children of Morta - action-RPG with an approach to character development in the style of rogue-lite. You do not play for one character, for a whole family of unusual heroes with different strengths and weaknesses. Make your way through hordes of enemies in dungeons, caves and other locations created using procedural generation. Help the Bergson family resist the impending fel.


A unique gameplay combines the genres of action-adventure RPG, rogue-lite and hack and slash. Getting new levels, you develop not only the personal characteristics of the characters, but the whole family. Death in the game is not constant, therefore, between sorties into the dungeon, family members can be swapped.

The Children of Morta action takes place in distant lands, but the story tells about themes and feelings familiar to everyone: about love and hope, longing and doubts, losses and great sacrifices that we make to save those who are especially dear to us. In the end, this is a story about a family of heroes confronting the impending darkness.

All the dungeons in the game are created using procedural generation, that is, in each new adventure their structure is unique. Each dungeon consists of 2-4 levels, at the end of the player a battle with a unique boss awaits. You can return to previous dungeons at any time to get additional experience points or complete side quests.

Lead a long-range battle, cast spells, block, stun, dodge and use passive skills. All of these skills you have to discover, discover and improve. Each of the six family members has a unique set of skills. Father John is a fighter and master of defense with a sword and shield. The eldest daughter Linda is a well-aimed archer. Kevin is a quiet fighter armed with deadly daggers. Lucy is an agile and brave fire mage. Mark is a smart martial artist. And Joey crushes the enemies with a blacksmith's hammer.

The beautiful but dangerous universe of Children of Morta comes to life on the screen thanks to a combination of handmade pixel art and frame-by-frame animation with modern lighting technology.

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