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Crusader Kings 2

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You buy the game Crusader Kings 2 - a license key for activation in the Steam system. The purchased Crusader Kings 2 key is sent to your e-mail immediately after payment, along with complete instructions for activating the game. You can buy Crusader Kings 2 using electronic payment systems, bank cards and other payment methods.

About Crusader Kings II

From the time of the ancient era many minds still worry: a strange combination of valor, a word of honor, complete ignorance and konservatism in many views ... Europe was fragmented, and each of its states dreamed of world power, religion had an incredibly huge impact on the government , especially the Catholic Church. It was a powerful organization that appointed kings, conducted its own intrigues and possessed considerable political weight. The Pope was a key figure in many matters, including international ones: only he could appoint a crusade, blame heresy, or vice versa - praise for loyalty to the Church and the cause. It offers a great real-time strategy game "Crusader Kings 2". Only here you can choose one of the European countries and take part in its development. Moreover, you write the story, and all the tools will be provided. Collect armies, send in spies, develop cultural expansion - all this is now available thanks to improved gameplay.


  • Earth. Expand your borders and outlive your rivals by force or intrigue;
  • Prestige . Achieve fame for procreation and strengthen the power of your family;
  • Intrigue . Expose your subjects and vassals before they can weave an insidious plot against you;
  • Religion . Find a way to prevent bishops from becoming a pawn in the party of the Pope against your influential family;
  • 400 years. Start the game in 1066 and continue for almost half a millennium, creating your own chapters in the history of medieval Europe;
  • Competition. Live the Middle Ages in the company of 32 other players who are ready to become your political rivals or allies in the sequel to Crusader Kings II;
  • Dynasties. Become the leaders of the Christian noble family and achieve the imperial title, starting with the rank of simple count and skillfully distribute the heirs to the royal family tree;
  • Crusaders. Take on a heavy burden, protect Europeans from the Mongol invasion of the Crusader Kings II strategy, take an active part in the Crusades and get a chance to form a new heavenly kingdom in the East.

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