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On this page you can buy a license key Cyberpunk 2077 for activation in GOG. The purchased key will be sent to your mail on the day the game is released, September 17, 2020.

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  • soundtrack from the game
  • Cyberpunk 2020 Rules Book
  • booklet with a selection of illustrations from the game
  • wallpapers for your desktop and mobile phone

About Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 - A first-person RPG with a seamless world in a cyberpunk atmosphere inspired by the eighties and Blade Runner.

Your name is V. You can play for a girl or a guy by choosing their past. This affects plot development.

You can move around the city on different types of transport. The demo already has a noticeable number of plot forks. CD Red obviously do what they can.

The first details of the gameplay with E3:

  • During cut scenes, a third-person view is included
  • Characteristics - strength, physique, intelligence, reflexes, technology, and "coolness." They are taken from the board game
  • When driving machines, there is a camera from the first and third parties. In the first case, the UI is displayed directly on the windshield
  • Missions are taken from the NPC, there is a choice of replicas
  • The world does not open immediately - to get into some areas, you need to get certain clothes or gain the necessary experience
  • The UI in the demo is very minimalistic - only the compass and the current quest
  • In the battle, the UI gets complicated - the enemies have names, health bars and levels
  • Damage numbers appear on screen when hit
  • You can shoot in slow motion
  • Locked areas are reminiscent of Deus Ex: if the protagonist lacks the hacker skill to break the door, he can get around it in different ways
  • There is a certain inspection mode that allows you to study various objects in order to better understand the ENT
  • Health is restored with an inhaler
  • Gunplay is slower than DOOM, but faster than Fallout 4
  • The journalists were shown a battle with the boss in the exoskeleton: during it, the player had to hide under the cars and use coverings

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