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About Curtain Call Chapter Add-on

Curtain Call is a new chapter in the story of Dead by Daylight. It contains a new killer, a survivor and a map, as well as an exclusive T-shirt for a new survivor.

People often say that under a painted smile a clown hides sadness and tears. But what if behind this make-up lies not sadness, but deep anger because of gluttony and addiction to drinking? A mind that sees in others only objects of torture? A monster who cuts off fingers from broken bodies as trophies for his collection? In order to survive, such a creature has to pretend, hide behind cheerfulness and a wide smile, even if painted.
Kate Denson smiles with all my heart, warmly and friendly. She sings about love and life, about family and hope. These are the main values ​​for her, for them she is ready to fight with anyone.

Carnival of Souls
Carnivals are places of fun and laughter, color and light, real beacons of happiness in the dark. But do not wander too far from the crowds and music, seduced by the decorated walls and the beckoning light of a lone van. Beware that not one of your fingers can replenish the Clown collection.

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