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About Ghost Face Add-on

The Ghost Mask is an expansion pack with a new killer for Dead by Daylight. DLC opens a new killer and exclusive items for him.

Acquaintance is a dangerous deception. Our job is full of strangers sitting next to us five days a week. Distant acquaintance grows out of habit. We assume that they do in the evenings and weekends what most do. Gaps are filled with assumptions, and we forget how little we know until we confront the fact.

Ghost used it. Newspaper colleagues could have linked him to the Rosville murders. The clues were visible from the very beginning: the days when he missed work, the time of death of the victims and his detailed articles, written from the words “sources”, which he never shared. But his colleagues did not notice anything, because Ghost was dissolved in a daily routine. No one thought that the colleague sitting opposite could commit the cold-blooded killings of dozens of people. Then everyone was confronted with the fact.

Ghost, as before, managed to escape. Having appeared on the pages of newspapers, he collected articles about himself and enough of fame enough to take up the next test. When the investigation began to point to him, he packed up and decided to drive a couple of miles to a new job. But this time he managed to find much more unique and richer hunting grounds ...

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