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Dead by Daylight - Stranger Things Chapter

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You are buying the Stranger Things Chapter add-on for Dead by Daylight, a Steam activation license. The purchased key is sent to your mail immediately after payment.

Attention! To activate the add-on you must have purchased the original game Dead by Daylight .

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About Stranger Things Chapter

"Very Strange Things" is the new chapter in Dead by Daylight. It has a new map - an underground complex located under the Hawkins National Laboratory. Demogorgon becomes the new indomitable killer, and there are not only one, but two new survivors to fight with him: the dreaming journalist Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington, a former school star with a tendency to get into trouble. Two exclusive cosmetic items will also appear in the game with a new chapter: a torn shirt with rolled up sleeves for Steve and a torn sweater for Nancy.

The early 1980s were times of the Cold War, experiments and naive dreamers - times in which very strange things happened. Hawkins in Indiana was then one of the cities where secret research was conducted. When interdimensional gates accidentally opened at the Hawkins National Laboratory, creatures with long curved claws and muzzles poured through them, which open like nightmarish flowers. Faced with these creatures, local children called them “demogorgons.”

Nancy Wheeler's passion for journalistic investigations woke up after she, in search of Barb's best friend, helped destroy the secret government organization based in Hawkins. Even after her dismissal from Izvestia Hawkins in the summer of 1985, Nancy did not lose her determination and passion for finding evidence ...

Steve Harrington, once a popular athlete and come from a wealthy family, is struggling to find his calling in Hawkins, because the school is over, and friends went to college. Since then, he has been selling ice cream at the supermarket, flirting with the girls and decrypting the secret Russian radio signals. Dustin and Robin, friends of Steve, help him change and understand what a real friendship is. It was this new understanding that made Steve rush to the aid of Nancy, his ex-girlfriend, when the guy suspected that she was in trouble.

Spark of Madness is the head of the Dead by Daylight game, in which a new killer, survivor and map appear.

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