Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition

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Apocalypse Edition includes all 4 add-ons from the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos series that were previously released for XBox One.

About Dead Rising 3:

The Grandfather Rising series has long formed its own separate army of fans. It was they who protested the most when the third part was declared exclusive to the XBox One. How to live without new zombies and their Kroshilov improvised and not very objects? Capcom studio did not disappoint, and already on the shelves of our online store loomed version of Dead Rising 3 for PC.

The events of the third part of Dead Rising unfold ten years after the second. The California town with the telling name of Los Perdidos is in a state of zombie invasion and the government intends to solve this problem with one quality bombardment. Your task in the role of auto mechanic Nick Ramos to break through a crowd of zombies to exit this hell. As always, you can use the means at hand to kill and collect new ones from their combinations, and unlike in the previous parts, a lathe for this in many cases will not be needed.

Dead Rising 3 boasts an open world with a city three times the size of the game locations in DR and DR2 combined. Also, according to the developers, an improved game engine can now hold three times as many zombies on the screen. Among the innovations in the game plan, there is a separate opportunity to break through the crowd of zombies on autographically assembled cars, motorcycles and their various combinations. No wonder you play as an auto mechanic. Well, in particularly difficult cases, you can request an airstrike and scatter the zombie debris in the vicinity. In other words, even more Kroshilov in even larger territories!

Traditionally Dead Rising 3 will end in three different ways, so there will be more than enough reasons to replay a masterpiece :)

Gameplay features of Dead Rising 3:

  • Open World of Los Perdidos, where you can travel in any direction, just looking at the zombies running from all sides.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence , if such a definition can be attributed to stupid zombies. However, they have become smarter, which will allow them to enjoy cleaning with great pleasure.
  • Co-passing will also add Dead Rising 3 gloss to the game. What could be better than a friend’s shoulder when zombies climb out of all the cracks?
  • Countless mechanical and not-so-great devices for exterminating enemies. At the same time, the profession of auto mechanic will give certain advantages in collecting truly terrible structures, from which Mad Max would turn over in a coffin with envy.

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