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On this page, you can buy a Diablo IV license key for your PC. The purchased key will be sent to your mail on the day the game is released, the exact date of which is not yet known. Do you want to be the first to know about opening pre-order Diablo 4? Subscribe using the button on the right.

About Diablo 4

A new part of Diablo was announced at the annual Close. So far, that's all that is known about her (information will be supplemented):

  • Diablo IV isometric action – RPG in the dark Middle Ages.
  • A gloomy non-linear campaign. Go wherever you want. An open world will help you with this.
  • A common open world with 5 regions. The map is 10–20 times larger than in the previous part.
  • Hundreds of dungeons and legendary items.
  • 5 powerful game classes, so far only 3 have been announced and you can play all of them on demo stands: Enchantress, Barbarian and Druid.
  • Redesigned talent system. Now it is a tree of talents more logical for the genre, divided into various categories.
  • Mounts So far, only horses are represented in the game, but others will probably be. The ability to customize the mount: replacing the saddle, elements of armor, etc. It is possible to use abilities while sitting on a horse. For example, the Enchantress can freeze everything in her path, and the Barbarian make a crushing jump into enemies.
  • Many monsters really look vile and terrifying. Impressive.
  • Character customization. When creating a character, each class now has several appearance templates that can be additionally changed (hairstyle, face shape, etc.).
  • Various game events in the game world, something similar is in World of Warcraft. The murder of a strong and large mob or the assignment of some city NPC.

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