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You buy Dishonored, a license key for activation on Steam. The purchased Dishonored key is sent to the mail immediately after payment and is displayed on the screen. You can pay for the purchase of the Dishonored game using bank cards, electronic payment systems or cash through the terminal system.

Please note: there is also Dishonored Definitive Edition , including ALL additions to the game.

About Dishonored

Dishonored is a full-blown first-person action game in which you have to get used to the role of a killer, whose actions are driven by a desire for revenge. Dishonored’s flexible combat system allows you to combine your supernatural abilities, weapons and unusual devices the way you want to eliminate your goals. Chase the enemies under the cover of darkness or expose the blade and fight the enemy face to face. The results of each mission depend on which path you choose.

The scene of Dishonored is the industrial city of Danwall, where steam mechanisms and mysterious otherworldly forces are closely intertwined in the darkness of shadows. You were one of the best bodyguards of all the revered Empress. But when she was killed, you became the main suspect and in the eyes of the public turned into a dishonorable killer, who is known only by the mask that has become your calling card. And now, in this troubled time, when the outbreak of the plague struck the city, and a corrupt government armed with industrial technology came to power, the dark forces offer you a gift that will make you more powerful than any person. But what price do you have to pay for it? The truth behind your betrayal is just as gloomy as the waters that wash this city. From now on, your life will never be the same.

Key Features:

  • Improvise and find new paths. Make each kill in your own style. Hide in the shadows to slip past enemies undetected, or fight the enemy face to face. With a flexible combat system, you can creatively combine your skills, supernatural abilities and technological tricks to pave your way to the goal and eliminate it. Invent your own special style of passing.
  • Action with meaning. The world of Dishonored responds to all your actions. Move silently like a ghost and fight back corruption or be ruthless to everyone without exception and sow death and ruin on your way. The way you complete each mission will affect you in the future.
  • Supernatural abilities. Instantly move through space, move into the bodies of any living creatures or stop time itself - for executions all means are good. Combine your supernatural abilities with a variety of weapons and find a huge number of ways to overcome difficulties and eliminate goals. The improvement system will open for you new deadly skills and ingenious devices.
  • A city like no other. Immerse yourself in a unique world invented by Viktor Antonov, the artist who gave us Half-Life 2. Arkane and Bethesda have prepared a steampunk city for you, in which they are closely intertwined industry and the supernatural, a city whose atmosphere is literally saturated with secrets and intrigues. The world lies before you. Explore it.

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