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  • Midnight for the Lonely Ronin: Take the enemy off guard with the exclusive Midnight look for Lonely Ronin.
  • Muscles: Show your strength with the exclusive “Muscle” emotion.
  • Disintegration Medal: Show true dedication with the Disintegration Medal.
  • Elite V1: Show your support for the development team with the animated Elite V1 flag

About Disintegration

Meet Disintegration from V1 Interactive, a young independent 30-person development studio founded by one of the creators of Halo, Marcus Lehto. This sci-fi game combines elements of a shooter with a first-person view and real-time strategy. The action takes place in the near future of the Earth, where humanity has one hope for survival - Integration. This process allows you to save the human brain by moving it to a mechanized frame. You are playing the role of Romer Scholl, a former Gravicycle pilot and commander of a small resistance group that does not want to let go of memories of its human nature. As long as the prevailing forces of the Rayonne destroy the remnants of society, Romer and his rogue team must fight to reset humanity. Fly on different heavily armed gravel bikes and control your ground crew using their various unique abilities and their own arsenal of weapons.

In Disintegration there is not only an exciting single player campaign, but also rampant multiplayer PvP battles with three modes and sets of maps on which players and their teams will compete with each other.

  • Tactical fights on a grabike. Fly on one of the heavily armed Gravicycles with different abilities, level of firepower and maneuverability. Lead the ground crew: order them to attack targets, pick up objects and use their unique abilities to change the course of the battle.
  • A fun single player campaign. A unique sci-fi story from Marcus Lehto, one of the creators of Halo and creative director of Halo: Reach. Play as Romer Shola and fight back a huge army of Reyons, whose goal is to destroy the remnants of humanity.
  • Rampant online battles. Fight on one of the many cards in three intense 5-by-5 ​​multiplayer modes. Choose your favorite gravity bike and bring your squad and teammates to defeat other pilots in matches to fulfill goals.
  • Changeable appearance of commands. Each team in multiplayer mode has its own appearance and features, skill set and game style. Master the management of your favorite team and change everything to your taste with the help of a variety of guises, flags, badges and emotions.

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