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On this page you can buy Doom - a license key for activating and downloading the game on Steam. The purchased Doom key will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. You can pay for Doom 4 using bank cards, electronic payment methods, or even cash through the terminal system.

About Doom

Almost a quarter century ago, Doom conquered players around the world with aggressive gameplay and the speed with which decisions had to be made. For many people, he became an integral part of their first acquaintance with games and forever remained the standard first-person shooter. Bethesda has taken the liberty of reviving Doom in its core tradition: dynamically exterminating demons with giant cannons. This is exactly what the developers promised us at the E3 exhibition held in 2015.

The plot of Doom 4 has not changed much: you are the same commandos on the space station in an attempt to survive in the demonic apocalypse. The arsenal for survival is diverse: from the traditional for playing shotgun and chainsaw to crazy fantastic blasters that shoot plasma from the underworld itself. The extermination of demons in the Duma was supplemented by hand-to-hand methods of killing: enemies can be pierced by a reloading barrel, an improvised item, or even torn apart with bare hands. In general, the gameplay looks as brutal and dynamic as it can be in a 2016 shooter.

Of the modes in the game there will be a co-op, a classic deathmatch for 4 players and the pursuit of credits. Also in the game there will be an unlimited map editor Doom Snapmap, which allows you to create new levels, change the logic of the game and share the created with the world. We hope that the expectations will be met and we will see the very Doom, which will please fans of Kroshilov in first-person shooter games.

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