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Edition bonuses (displayed as additional material in the Steam):

  • Complete digital soundtrack of the game in various audio formats
  • Digital artbook, over 300 pages of illustrations


About Dragon & # 39; s Dogma: Dark Arisen:

Dragon & # 39; s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a great action RPG, originally released on consoles and immediately struck fans with depth and sophistication. It's hard to be original when The Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls are already performing on stage, but Capcom developers have succeeded. Combining two different approaches to RPG, western and eastern, the game immediately immerses the player in battles with monsters, who have a place in mythology and nightmares, and even better - in the cemetery.

At the same time, the action itself is extremely spectacular - the designers Devil May Cry and Resident Evil are responsible for this. Each fight from a certain moment begins to resemble a cut-scene. At the same time, the PC version is much more colorful than the consoles, in the presence of 60 FPS by 1080P, which allows the player to fully enjoy the fantasy world. You will have to enjoy it with caution, this is not some kind of slasher, but a full-fledged RPG - you begin to feel more or less confident only at level 50 out of 150 possible. Well, if you play the game on advanced difficulty, then it’s hard to avoid analogies with Dark Souls - literally mortal danger can wait for you around every corner.

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