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On this page you can buy Fallout 4 for activation on Steam. The purchased Fallout 4 key will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. You can pay for the purchase of Fallout 4 in Russia in any way convenient for you: bank cards, electronic payment systems and cash through a network of terminals.

About Fallout 4:

The game will take place in Boston and its environs. In terms of size, the Fallout 4 world map is expected to be no smaller than the Skyrim map, which many players still cannot play enough of. You can buy Fallout 4 at least in order to completely get lost in the post-apocalyptic world.

The previous Bethesda games and their best elements formed the basis of the new fallout: an open world, many side missions and endless discoveries in traveling through the wasteland. The game will be made on the latest generation Creation engine with advanced rendering and dynamic lighting. In Fallout 4, you can choose who to play for: a man or a woman, as well as fully customize the appearance of your character. A faithful companion in your study of wasteland will be a dog, which can be controlled with the mouse and instructions on what to do now. Need to bring a thing from an inaccessible place or just too lazy to go? Tell the dog to bring this and she will execute the command.

The combat system in Fallout 4 migrated from the previous part and includes both the dynamic part and the slowdown with aiming at the necessary parts of the body. About 50 weapons and 700 modifications await us in the game. A distinctive feature of the series - the wrist gadget with Pippboy received its update. In addition to the mass of convenient innovations for viewing the statistics of the character and his uniforms, you can now even download the game from the cassette :) The main innovation in this regard will be the second screen system - you can view the characteristics and change them on your iOS and Android devices.

In Fallout 4 there will also be a new system of dynamic construction: the player will be able to collect materials from the world and build their own house from them. What does the proverb "my home is my fortress" in this case be fully realized. Do not forget that we live in a post-apocalyptic world and raids of marauders are regular like sunset and sunrise. Accordingly, our shelter should be able to repel their attacks. For this purpose, a control system for turrets and defenses in the game is designed.

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