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You buy a license key Far Cry 4 Gold Edition for activation in the Uplay system. The purchased Far Cry 4 Gold Edition key is sent to the e-mail and displayed on the screen immediately after payment. The game is available in Russian. Buy Far Cry 4 Gold Edition can be done using credit cards, electronic payment systems or cash through a network of terminals. < / p>

The Gold Edition includes the Season Pass (access to all add-ons for Far Cry 4 that will be released during the year) and all bonuses Limited Edition < / a>: Operation "Return of Herk": three additional tasks of twenty minutes each + an exclusive weapon.

  • Task 1: find a rare artifact in the ice caves and destroy anyone who tries to take it from you ..
  • Task 2: ride with Gerk in an unusual vehicle and fight with several enemy units.
  • Task 3: deal with a group of opponents and save Herk from imminent death.
  • Exclusive Weapon: Harpoon Piercer! In addition to advanced whalers, you will receive a unique set of avatars.

What is the main benefit of Gold Edition? You get the highest possible edition of the game and immediately pay for all its additions. Season Pass, purchased separately, will cost significantly more, so buying it as part of a publication is much more profitable.

About Far Cry 4:

Another sequel to the legendary shooter in the open world was not long in coming. Already in November, we will be able to trample our boots, stick ice axes and open our wings in the new fictional country of Kairat, where the slightly rickety dictator rules. The country is somewhere at the junction of the Himalayas, a mixture of Nepal, Bhutan and similar states. You have to buy Far Cry 4 and take part in the unfolding civil war.

Due to the fact that the area has become more mountainous, the gameplay will be replenished with climbing, exploring caves, abandoned temples and other secrets of the Himalayas. A climbing cat with a rope will appear in the arsenal of the Far Cry 4 player, with which you will have to conquer hitherto unreachable peaks. When the rope is too short, the turn will come for the flying suit.

Game mechanics have also evolved since the third part. For example, a player can now launch combinational attacks by kicking certain objects towards the enemy (see the gameplay trailer below). While driving any vehicle, you can now shoot with your free hand. And if this does not help, there is always the opportunity to jump into the enemy’s car and arrange a blood bath there.

Such an invariable part of Far Cry, like the animal world, has also evolved: as before, everyone exists in the open world and interact with each other regardless of the player’s actions. One of the most striking innovations of the new part was the elephants, which in certain circumstances become a killing machine, causing destruction at outposts.

Among the promised innovations in the game plan, a full cooperative mode for two players. Not a separate campaign, but a full-fledged game, which you can join at any time, earn certain achievements and save them in a single.

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