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You buy Frostpunk - a license key for activation on Steam. The purchased Frostpunk key will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. You can pay for your purchase in any way convenient for you: from a bank card to cash through the terminal system.

About Frostpunk

Frostpunk is the latest game from the creators of This War of Mine. This is a game for the survival of a society where there is no life without heat, and each decision has a price. In a completely frozen world, people are developing steam engines to withstand unbearable cold. You have to build the last city on earth and provide your people with a means of survival.

Often on one side of the scale are optimization and rational use of resources, and on the other - empathy and humanity. While the management of the city and society will take up the lion's share of the ruler’s time, at some point the study of the outside world will become necessary to understand its history and current state.

What decisions will you make so that society survives? What will you go to the limit? And what will you become at the same time?

Adopt laws that govern the lives of a growing population. Set working hours, provide medical care and food, and define other aspects of daily life. Give people hope and meet their needs - maintaining the morale of people is as important as giving them food and shelter.

When the tipping point comes, be decisive and determine the path of your people. Will you rule with an iron hand ... or show people the way of compassion and faith? Going to extremes or trying to find a reasonable balance? Whatever you choose, remember: there is no turning back.

Some of your decisions - for example, to help a resident in need or to compromise with the new faction - may seem insignificant, but remember that in sum your actions can lead to unexpected results. People trusted you, but their devotion is not unlimited. Power can become a burden.

Survival is impossible without progress. Respond to current events, but do not forget about the long term and invest in development and technological progress. Creating an advanced infrastructure with self-contained automatons, aircraft and other technical wonders will not be easy but achievable. It all depends on your managerial and leadership skills.

Although New London is always in the center of your attention, the world is much more diverse than what is within your city. Expeditions are associated with risk, but can bring you important intelligence, valuable resources, as well as increase the population of your city. There may be people on the icy expanses, and their fate is entirely in your hands.

Frostpunk Endless Mode is the latest long-awaited update at the request of our community. At the moment, this is the largest DLC for the game, with new maps, game modes and mechanics. Thanks to him, you can plunge into the world of Frostpunk even deeper.

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