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GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) на ПК

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You buy the key GTA 5 PC version, to activate the Rockstar Launcher. The purchased GTA 5 key will be sent to you immediately immediately after purchase and will be displayed in your personal account in our store. You can pay using any bank card or electronic payment methods. The key has regional restrictions and can be activated only in Russia and the CIS countries.

Limited offer! Only in our store at the price of the regular version do you buy Premium Online Edition, which includes all previously released updates and add-ons.

Purchase Bonus: The Crime Organization set with the most interesting and popular materials for GTA Online worth GTA $ 10 million + bonus 1 million.

About GTA 5 for PC:

What happened was what all the stubborn players on personal computers were waiting for - the best crime sandbox from the kings of the Rockstar genre is finally coming out on our platform! Buy GTA 5 now or wait for some sale - a choice that arises only for those who have never played in this series. Moreover, at the beginning of sales, as always, a severe shortage of copies in retail outlets is expected. A great reason to buy an electronic version of Grand Theft Auto 5 :)

Naturally, according to the Rockstar tradition, the game will be released in an improved version compared to the original console version, released on September 17, 2013. A year later, GTA 5 promise to make standard modern consoles of the new generation and PC-boyars.

The action of the new part of the cult action takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, the prototype of which was Los Angeles. New in the GTA game series was the switch between the three heroes of the same story. There is also a seamless game world, a mass of vehicles, an even greater mass of means to destroy opponents and all that the GTA series players like so much - an excellent plot and satire on modern culture.

It’s pointless to describe all the advantages of GTA 5, if you live on our planet, you already know everything yourself for a long time :) Well, who needs refreshment, below you can see three trailers in a row. And yes, GTA Online is naturally part of the purchase, you can play with friends online!

With all the above advantages of the game, it would be extremely wrong to consider that it ends in a single-player campaign. Since the release, several add-ons have been released that expand the gameplay and even introduce new modes into the game. Rockstar, an indispensable developer of the entire series, sees its game as a kind of service, in the process of which there are constant improvements. This approach deserves respect, including because you pay for the game once, and you receive updates throughout the period of its support. You don’t have any season of passes, lootboxes and other not very good ways to replenish wallets. I bought a license key and enjoy all the delights of one of the best games of our time without any restrictions.

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