Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire (EU)

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About the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire content expansion

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is the second expansion of the world famous game Guild Wars 2. The balance of magic is broken and you have to lead your allies to hunt for the rogue god Balthazar, whose plans threaten the very existence of Tyria.

Mankind has worshiped six gods for centuries, even when their prayers have not been answered. Now, the god of fire and war - Balthazar - has suddenly returned, only to prove himself as a ruthless manipulator, without any respect for mortal life.

The heroes of Tyria thwarted the first phase of his plan to destroy the Ancient Dragons - but now he has created an army to pave the way for terror and destruction across the south. You must stop them before Balthazar destroys the very foundations of the world.

Balthazar with its "forged" legions sows terror in the Crystal Desert and the adjoining kingdom of Elon. Explore huge new maps filled with magical desert plains, ancient temples and ruins and beautiful oases. Uncover the secrets of the history of Tyria and learn about the fate of the people of Elona after many years of silence.

Features of the new Guild Wars 2 add-on:

  • Mounts: Raptor, The Skimmer, Springer, The Jackal
  • Elite specializations: Engineer - Holosmith, Sentinel - Fireband, Thief - Deadeye, Warrior - Spellbreaker, Mesmer - Mirage, Necromancer - Scourge, Elementalist - Weaver, Ranger - Soulbeast, Revenant - Renegade
  • Explore and play: Find and get treasures during your journey through the Crystal Desert. Try on new armor sets, skins, and weapons inspired by Elona’s culture and desert heritage.
  • Rewards: Collect and upgrade armor sets and weapon skins that reflect the beauty, magic and history of the desert.
  • Headhunting: Try to deal with difficult boss events when you are ready. Anyone can join the hunt!
  • Guildhall: Grab a beautiful new house for your guild and live in it how to know the Elons (to capture and completely improve the guildhall, you need the addition of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns)

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