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About How To Survive 2

Several years have passed since the events on the Los Riskos archipelago from the first part of How to Survive. The infection has grown into a global pandemic. People around the world, whether they are survivor groups or lone wolves, are trying to survive another day among those infected, while simultaneously restoring some semblance of normal life. You go to Louisiana, where your chances of survival depend on your ability to build a safe camp and become a survival specialist. Look for water, food, and shelter and chat with weird locals.

The eccentric masked stranger offers his help? Why not? Everything is better than zombies!

Key gameplay features:

• New multiplayer mode! You can invite up to 16 players to your camp, and 4 of you can play online simultaneously

- Local co-op: up to 4 players can play simultaneously on one PC

- Players in a local co-op can join a multiplayer game (i.e. up to 16 players can play simultaneously)

• Teamwork: all players help to develop the camp and can carry out various actions and develop strategies in a cooperative mode.

• A new improved camera monitors your character, allowing you to zoom in and out on the fly!

• New maps created according to a random scenario: from the unforgiving mistakes of the sleeves of the Mississippi Delta to the abandoned streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

• Create your own character: learn different skills and specializations with each new level. Use tools, armor and weapons found and hand-picked.

• A new in-depth crafting system will allow you to use tools and materials to create hundreds of items, tools and weapons to improve your character and camp.

• Are you a survival expert? Do you want real tests? Elite quests are waiting for you!
In these special quests you will have only one attempt to achieve your goal. If you die, you will end up in a camp where all friends will look at you with a condemning look ...

• Build, upgrade and defend your camp as you want: choose from a variety of upgraded traps, barricades, obstacles and workshops that will open new instructions and allow you to create more materials and objects.

• Defend your camp and survive alone or with friends in the Kovak Trials! Place traps strategically and get ready to fight with hordes of powerful zombies.

• Change of day and night, as well as dynamic weather conditions.

• Be careful if you decide to go out at night. Some night zombies hide in the dark and can attack you at any time.

• Meet new survivors by creating an open camp, and use your special private box to store your precious items in it.

• You can now kill zombies more effectively thanks to new striking blows and bloody effects!

• Watch out for hunger and thirst, so that you have the strength to fight zombies.

• Keep track of the weight of your inventory. Heavy objects slow you down when a mob of zombies chases you.

• Kovak’s most diligent students will welcome the new video format for his precious tips! Books were invented by losers ...

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