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Hunt: Showdown

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About Hunt: Showdown

Ferocious nightmare monsters roam the swamps of Louisiana. You are a member of a group of scorched mercenaries who have been instructed to rid the world of their chilling presence. Erase creatures from the face of the earth, and you will be generously paid. With this money you can buy even more advanced and powerful weapons. But if you fail the mission, death will take your character and equipment. Your experience, however, will forever remain in your reserve of hunters, also known as heritage.


The competitive Hunt: Showdown gameplay, divided into matches, includes elements of the PvP and PvE confrontations, so the player is constantly in such a strain that no other game was capable of. Your life, your character and your equipment are constantly at stake. At the beginning of each match, teams (maximum five) of two people begin to track down their monstrous goals. After one of the teams discovers and defeats the monster, it will receive a trophy and will immediately become a target for all other hunters remaining on the map. Be on the alert, otherwise a knife will stick into your back, and before you die, you will see another team of hunters carrying your prey away. The higher the risk, the higher the reward, but you can pay everyone for just one mistake.


Even after death, you can increase the rank of your hunters with the help of heritage. Although one of the characters may die, his experience will be transferred to your legacy, where he can be distributed among other hunters. If you leave the surviving card, you can use the money and experience you earn to equip new hunters and prepare for the next match. If you die, you will lose everything except your experience.


"Dark Vision" allows hunters to look beyond the veil between the worlds, making visible to all initiates that which cannot be seen through the eyes of a mortal. Use "Dark Vision" while tracking monsters, and ghostly light will indicate the next target. With Dark Vision, you can also see players carrying a trophy, making it easier for them to ambush when they try to slip away.

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