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About Insurgency

In this multiplayer and cooperative game, you fight in bloody battles on the streets, face to face with the enemy, where the survival of your team depends on the control of important points and the destruction of enemy ammunition, all operating on the Source engine. Insurgency is the heir to the highly acclaimed mod of the same name on the Source engine, highly competitive and merciless, emphasizing the equality of all players.


  • More than 20 weapons with a bunch of attachments, the lack of crosshairs, and a focus on realistic weapon control, including a free aiming system with intense fire suppression effects.
  • 27 multiplayer and cooperative maps in 12 locations around the world, including locations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.
  • 8 multiplayer modes supporting up to 32 players with capture points, destruction of ammunition and escort of an important person (VIP).
  • 3 modes of cooperative games in which you and your friends carry out different tasks shoulder to shoulder.
  • Offline training mode that supports games with bots in all modes.
  • A squad system built on classes with roles that you can modify as you wish.
  • Communication within units with support for 3D VOIP voice communication, allowing you to hear both allies and enemies within a certain range.
  • Minimap and full close-up map with highlighted targets and allies.
  • Equipment goggles used to purchase costumes and improve your equipment, affecting your weight, speed and stamina.
  • Simple and minimalistic user interface for complete immersion in the game.
  • High-quality video effects and multi-channel audio create a realistic combat point environment.
  • Ability to create your own levels and content using the Insurgency SDK and scripting system.
  • PC and Mac OSX versions with the ability to play between different platforms.
  • Dedicated server support for PC and Linux.

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