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About Just Cause 3

Just Cause is the very game that generated a lot of GIFs on gaming sites with seemingly absurd tricks: here is a helicopter jump with a pilot kicked out and a Boeing spinning around the hero on a cable, and of course endless explosions of everything and everything. Buy Just Cause 3 is worth it if you are tired of refined games with realism and physics, seeking to repeat the real world. Why do you need reality when you can create chaos? In the games of the Just Cause series, chaos has always been created for the benefit of a bright goal.

This time we are dealing with the Mediterranean dictatorial regime, headed by General Di Ravello. The oppressed people are waiting for their liberator, and the army is a worthy adversary. It was then that the main character Just Cause 3, Rico Rodriguez, went on the scene - a reckless character who knows how to handle everything that can kill to one degree or another. Cars, tanks, planes, machine guns, crossbows and bazookas - this is just the beginning of your journey through the open world with an area of ​​1000 square meters. kilometers. It is freedom of action that the Just Cause series has always been famous for and in its third part it has been brought to the absolute.

Gameplay features of Just Cause 3:

  • Explore the Mediterranean island with complete freedom vertically.
  • Skydiving, base jumping and gliding on the air flows between the mountains with the help of a special suit are just some of the ways to move in the game.
  • Use your cat and parachute to quickly move around the area, climbing buildings and throwing pilots out of planes.
  • Create chains of charges at military bases, marinas, prisons and police stations in order to overthrow the dictator.
  • All possible types of weapons from classic shotgun to rocket launchers.
  • Vehicles for every taste: motorcycles, supercars, airplanes, helicopters and speed boats.
  • Hundreds of missions and treasures to collect across the map.
  • Interactions in the online community.

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