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About Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Play as one of the two most ill and psychopathic criminals in game history. Lynch - self-medicated crazy, Kane - disappointed and thrown by all the former mercenary will take part in the brutal and tough criminal shooter from IO Interactive. Kane and Lynch are faced with the consequences of their actions when they have to run away due to an unsuccessfully completed business. Experience what they experienced while trying to survive in the dark streets and rooftops of the illegal world of Shanghai. They can’t be trusted by anyone, even by themselves, because Lynch again shows his mental shifts, and Kane’s mood goes to hell.

  • An ongoing messo in single player, cooperative, and multiplayer games. The new multi-user mode "Fragile Alliance", which will satisfy the inquisitive minds of any crime.
  • Coarse, natural, and uncircumcised: in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days you will be introduced to a new, unique visual style. Enjoying the best documentaries, the developers of Kane & Lynch 2 set a new level of realism in games.
  • Play for Lynch: play for him and find out his story. He lives quite comfortably in Shanghai, he makes decent money, but this time the transaction fee is insanely high, and it seems that no one will stop him from getting his money.
  • Is everything bad? It doesn’t matter: the players have two chances to defeat the opponent. Fight a crowd of enemies on the ground or try to hide from the enemy by running away and firing from him.
  • Co-op: Play as Kane or Lynch.
  • Fragile Alliance: The multiplayer game is returning in a new version, with many new and old modes.
  • From the creators of the Hitman series: these people created the Hitman series of games and the 2007 Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

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