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About Life is Feudal: Your Own by Developer:

“Life is Feudal: Your Own” (LiF: YO) is a medieval life simulator for 64 players in a 3x3 km game world. In it you will find yourself in a realistic medieval setting with the ability to create your own world and set your own rules! Free terraforming and construction will be possible here, and you can build your house in any of its corners! Team up with friends and build a village or even a city. Together, reflect the attacks of other players who are eager to seize your lands and kill your cattle! A solid castle with high walls may help you protect yourself and your valuables.

Everyone who bought Life is Feudal: YO will also have full access for one character to the early tests of the multiplayer online game Life is Feudal: MMO in the 2nd quarter of 2016 and similar access to the release version of Life is Feudal: MMO.

The combat system of our game is unique. It is based on physics and is non-target, i.e. system without capturing the target. The direction of your attacks depends on the movement of the mouse. Basic movements in combination with directional attacks allow lethal combinations with devastating consequences. Battle formations are a new way to collaborate and control your team on the battlefield. Depending on the situation, the squad leader must give the correct orders to control the structures during the battle. The more players involved in the construction, there are more advantages it provides. A well-organized group will always defeat a gathering of headless chickens.

The game uses real sandbox game mechanics, not just a name. For example, the progress of a player’s skills is not limited to artificial classes or roles. Skill-Cap and Stat-Cap systems allow you to create a character ideally suited specifically for your type of game. In addition, the game has a sandy crafting system :) A wonderful example of this is the mechanics of alchemy. It is very similar to the mechanics in TES: Oblivion ©. Neither Wikipedia nor your friends can help you, because all recipes are randomly generated for each character, and the only way to learn them all is to experiment!

Farming will require a serious understanding of the characteristics of various crops, soil fertilization and knowledge of the dependence of yield on weather during sowing and harvesting. For example, fertilizers can be obtained from cribs or stalls that are worth owning (while periodically cleaning them) to raise the best horses on the continent! Do not forget about other animals on your farm, they should also be looked after and fed them.

Food is extremely important for the development of the character and his skills. The higher the quality and complexity of the dishes, the faster his skills grow. This means that skilled chefs are just as important as other artisans, whether they are blacksmiths, carpenters or alchemists.

Unique features:

  • Free terraforming and tunnel construction. 100% free terraforming and tunnel construction! Dig tunnels, shafts, ditches and expand them in all dimensions, with virtually no limits. You can lower and raise the level of the earth with the effect of shedding. In the game you will find soil, stone, granite, ore veins, clay, sand and much more!
  • The system of battle formations. In battles, you have to act in accordance with the combat situation, giving your squad certain bonuses. To receive this bonus, squad members must be well organized and always within the construction boundaries.
  • Countless different alchemical combinations. The game has over 40,000,000 alchemical combinations unique to each character! Unlike other online games, you have to study, experiment and discover your own unique combinations. Alchemy depends not only on the characteristics of your character. Great emphasis is placed on the cost of time and resources to create high-quality recipes and combinations.
  • Complete change of seasons and weather. Changing the weather and season directly affects your character and productivity.
  • Complete culinary system. Cooking is no longer a secondary or unnecessary skill. Being a good cook and knowing a lot of delicious and complex recipes, you feed yourself and your friends, which will allow you all to quickly master various skills!
  • Realistic damage system. Based on human anatomy considering fractures and bleeding wounds, you can develop unique deadly combat combinations.
  • Double scales of health and endurance. Double scales of health and endurance provide more information about the state of the body of the characters. They may lose consciousness, or they may be killed. The characters may temporarily lose their breath, and possibly completely lose their strength.
  • Here are just a few features. Design and craft hundreds of objects, build unique structures to create the world around you! Only your imagination will limit you, as hundreds of choices and settings will provide an infinite number of combinations in Life is Feudal: Your Own!

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