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Game description: Lost Planet 3:

Continuation of the fantastic action Lost Planet reveals new terrifying details about the notorious planet E.D.N. III and the history of its colonization by people. Extreme, danger and thrill? Three times more than before!
The main character of Lost Planet 3 is pilot Jim, who left Earth to fulfill a very difficult and risky, but very profitable contract with the Neo-Venus Construction Corporation (NEVEC), which is preparing the planet for colonization. Arriving at E.D.N. III, Jim joins the Coronis-based pioneers and sets about exploring unexplored territories and extracting thermal energy samples — the most valuable resource needed to survive in the extreme conditions of a harsh planet.

NEVEC’s thermal energy reserves are drawing to a close, so the fate of the Coronis Colonial mission depends on natural sources that they can discover and master. Knowing full well that this is a great opportunity to hit a solid jackpot and even secure for himself an early return home to his family, Jim decides to challenge the inhospitable planet and its original inhabitants - aggressive and bloodthirsty acres.

Lost Planet 3 game features:

  • A new journey to the famous Lost Planet universe - to the ice planet E.D.N. III, which has become a giant battlefield for survival, the planet is even more dangerous, volatile and unpredictable than before.
  • In this story, you are not assigned the role of a superhero, but an ordinary hired worker who dared to confront the hostile alien nature, and his goal is not to save the world at all, but simply to make good money and return to his family.
  • You will have to learn how to protect yourself from terrible acridities and survive in severe ice storms, mainly with the help of various futuristic household construction equipment and tools, although you will also have weapons.
  • Fights using equipment - with a first-person view, shootings, during which the hero moves on his own, - with a third-person view.
  • The game was created on the Unreal Engine 3 engine, which means that you will find a spectacular video sequence and fascinating and dynamic gameplay - believe me, there will be no time to relax.
  • Since the release of the first two parts of the series, the acridas have become much bigger, meaner and quicker, so it will not be easy to fight them - you will have to use different tactics in every battle.
  • Planet E.D.N. III still has many secrets, and looking for sources of thermal energy, Jim (and with it, of course, you) will learn a lot of interesting things about this amazing land. Do you like multiplayer? For you, the game features a wide range of multiplayer modes - have fun and improve your combat skills in the fantastic world of Lost Planet.

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