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About Mad Max

Crazy Max with the young Mel Gibson, thundered in the early 80s, at one time so impressed those around that creating a whole series of cultural products in such a setting was only a matter of time. Such iconic games as Wasteland and Fallout are inspired by the atmosphere of Mad Max and a common post-apocalyptic society torn by its own fears. However, for some strange injustice, the film did not have its own game. And in connection with the revival of the film franchise this year, the game Mad Max is coming out.

One could be afraid that the game Mad Max is just a way to capitalize on a promoted brand, but in this case this is not the case. Igrodelo mastodons such as Avalanche Studios, the developer of the Jast Cause series, and the publisher of WB Games, who became known for an excellent trilogy of games about Batman, took on the case. There is a chance that the post-apocalyptic action will finally be implemented in a decent way and we can immerse ourselves in it to the fullest.

The events of the game Mad Max will to some extent repeat the events of the film: in a deserted Australian landscape, surviving people formed into criminal gangs, factions that fight for the remaining resources with the help of violence and improvised means. Max encounters one of these gangs at the very beginning of his adventure, his beloved car is taken from him, and he miraculously remains alive. Gradually restoring strength and collecting the necessary parts in the district, you have to move along the plot of the game. An open world, gathering, engineering, car battles and hand-to-hand battles await the player in this universe.

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