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Get to know the legendary open world, animated thanks to the famous system of "sworn enemies". Create a new Ring of Power, capture fortresses in large-scale battles and rule Mordor with the help of your orc army in the Full edition of Middle-earth: Shadows of War.

The full edition includes all downloadable content:

  • The plot addition "Wastelands of Mordor"
  • The plot addition "Galadriel's Blade"
  • The Slaughter Tribunal Supplement
  • Criminal Retribution Supplement

About Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow Of War ("Middle-earth: Shadows of War") is the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning Shadow of Mordor and is its logical continuation. The ranger Talion and his companion companion, the ghost Celebrimbor, are sent to the very rear of the Sauron armies in order to restore their order there. To facilitate such an impossible task, naturally, it is necessary to forge a new ring, with it everything becomes much more interesting.

Of the interesting innovations in the game, they promise the opportunity to fight the Nazguls and Sauron himself, and we have been waiting for this from the very beginning of the Tolkien legacy game. The Nemesis system, a proprietary feature of the series that manages the reactions of the world around the player’s actions, has been improved and now makes changes not only in the characters, but also in the surrounding landscape. It is in the system of "sworn enemies" that the developers have put a lot of effort into and promise that we will be able to watch dramatic scenes literally without leaving the incumbent throne of the gray cardinal of Middle-earth. With the help of this system it will be possible to expand the territories around the fortresses and capture neighboring fortifications.

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