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The legendary Overlord returns to Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

Old-school gamers remember the Overlord game, first released in 2007 and literally exploding the RPG action genre. The original setting, funny characters and, perhaps most importantly, a very dynamic gameplay for a long time secured the army of fans for the game. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil from the developers of the original game, the legendary Codemasters, retained the same dynamism and humor adjusted for modern graphics technology. The concept of the game is still the same: a bunch of demons appoints you as their Sovereign, and with or without them you must bear sorrow and destruction for everything that you meet along the way. The script was written by Riana Pratchet, the daughter of a legendary writer who had long gone out of her father’s shadow and became a recognized author of gaming universes.

In the game Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, as in any RPG, there are character classes, with their own characteristics:

  • Inferna - a fire Amazon with a wide sword is ready to bear retaliation and will be a beautiful tank
  • Ice mage Krios casts cold and is a typical mage of the defensive plan
  • Necromancer Maladi will take out the soul from anyone who stands in her way, an attacking magician for lovers of black magic
  • Gnome Hawkon is ready to smash enemies with two axes for a moderate fee, a typical damage dealer in the RPG classification

If you can’t decide who to play for, invite your friends, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil supports up to four characters in cooperative mode. What could be better than an adventure in a friendly company? Tame minions and destroy everything in its path to the glory of Evil!

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