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About PUBG Survivor Pass 6 Shakedown Add-on

Survivor Ticket: Inspection

This is a battle royale

The story linking Karakin with the ways of smuggling makes this island at the same time surprisingly dangerous and attractive for extreme lovers. 4 square kilometers is the most suitable space for 64 players to quickly resolve their differences. And new weapons will help them in this! Get an advantage over enemies by creating new passages through buildings using the Panzerfaust RPG and sticky bombs. And also watch how the new black zones are rapidly transforming the urban landscape surrounding you!
In the sixth season of PUBG you will find even more chaos and destruction!

Questions and answers:

How long will the 6th season last?

The sixth season of PUBG will last 12 weeks.
- On the PC from January 22, 2020 to April 15, 2020 (5:00 Moscow time).
- The sixth season of PUBG will begin after maintenance.

I did not buy a survivor ticket. Will I be able to participate in the event?
All players can level up and participate in the 6th season. You will find new weapons, equipment, battle strategies and a new "Karakin" map. Players who purchase a surviving ticket will be able to complete unique tasks and receive additional rewards.

How many missions are included in the Survivor Ticket: Inspection?
In the 6th season you will be offered more than 400 missions. Survivor Ticket: Inspection gives you access to 252 daily, 84 weekly and 24 seasonal missions, as well as 40 development missions. In addition, you will be offered another 35 test missions related to certain types of weapons, but they are only available to holders of a surviving premium ticket.

When are the weekly missions updated?
On PC, weekly missions are updated at 05:00 Moscow time on Mondays.

What if I buy a “Survivor Premium Ticket: Inspection” after the event starts?
You will immediately receive all the premium rewards corresponding to your level. After that, you will have time until the end of season 6 to earn the remaining rewards. If you don’t have enough time, you can buy a set of levels and speed up the rewards.

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