Prototype 2 Radnet Edition

Prototype 2 Radnet Edition
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The publication includes the original Prototype 2 game and the Radnet Access Pack add-ons


About Prototype 2

Welcome to New York Zero. The sequel to Radical Entertainment's 2009 bestseller, Prototype 2, preserves the unbridled chaos of the original Prototype and enhances its capabilities. You are Sergeant James Heller, the husband and father of the deceased wife and child and soldier left to certain death. With the new main character, players will cut their way through the wastelands of New York City Zero, who survived the epidemic of a dangerous virus. Armed with new unprecedented opportunities, you will gradually build up a huge arsenal of genetic weapons and deadly biological superpowers. Hunt, kill, absorb. Do everything for the sole purpose - to kill ... Alex ... Mercer!

Are you ready to destroy your creator?

Key Features:

  • Power of the tentacles: Get ready to unleash the ultimate form of destruction. The all-destroying tentacles of Sergeant James Heller will let you toss and smash cars and military equipment, capture infected monsters and even tear apart groups of enemies in bloody shreds. Release your inner hell!
  • Create your killer: Prototype 2 gives you the opportunity to cross the destructive possibilities of new mutations yourself and create your own Prototype. Fast movement? Sharp blades? Or even advanced camouflage? The choice is yours!
  • Hunt - kill - change: Now you can track any enemy with your inner sonar! Sergeant James Heller brings a new dimension to the Prototype universe that allows you to hunt, kill and become anyone who gets in your way. Turn into a soldier, scientist or anyone else, absorb their memories and gain new abilities. You will not have such opportunities anywhere else!
  • Harness the Devil: Experience the fascinating story of Sergeant James Heller and try to crush the devil himself ... Alex Mercer. The struggle of various factions for infection control amid the ruins of the New York Zero makes Prototype 2 the highlight of 2012 in the world of video games!
  • Size matters: Thanks to the unique "Titanium 2.0" technology, Prototype 2 will exceed the expectations of players from an open-world action game. Become a witness of how infected monsters the size of an entire building destroy the streets of the city, while you soar over entire squads of well-trained Black Watch soldiers. Prototype 2: bigger, more cheeky, better!
  • New York Zero: A Brand New Hunting Field! New York, which mankind knew and loved, no longer exists ... Now it's New York Zero or, if simpler, NYZ. The open world of PROTOTYPE 2 is divided into three different zones. Well protected by the military, the green zone, overflowing with refugees and quarantined slums of the yellow zone, the nightmare red zone war-torn by war - players have not been to such cities. Alex Mercer’s house - the red zone - is a terrifying place in which the virus finally infected the ruins of skyscrapers, infected the population and brought the risk of death to every secret corner.

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