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Rebel Cops
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About Rebel Cops

Rebel Cops is a spin-off of This Is the Police, entirely dedicated to turn-based tactical operations. Lead the squad of ragged cops to rebel against the criminal government and see how long you can hold out when there isn’t enough supplies, and a single bullet can cost your fighter life.

  • You are not exactly the police, but only now you are defending the law. Victor Zuev, a brutal criminal authority, captured Ripton in a matter of weeks, subjugating the local elite and even the police department. With the help of blackmail and threats, Zuev keeps the whole city in fear. The only ones who dared to confront him were a small detachment of former police officers who refused to serve the new government and turned in badges. The goal is to send Viktor Zuev to jail. The chances are small, but the townspeople have no one else to hope for.
  • Shooting is fun, but stealth is still more reliable. You are conducting a guerrilla war, the bandits have a lot more people and supplies. So carefully move from cover to cover, quietly catch criminals one at a time and try to handcuff them before they have time to raise an alarm. At your disposal - a set of non-lethal weapons and equipment, as well as special tactical perks that open as your fighters are pumped. Sometimes it will not be possible to avoid shootouts, but in such situations it is better to be doubly cautious: neither criminals nor cops have health points. The wounded quickly bleed and die, and getting into the head means instant death.
  • Explore sandbox levels and steal from thieves. In Rebel Cops there are not only compact operations where you need to fight for every centimeter of space, but also large locations open for research - the so-called sandbox levels. Search rooms, hack safes and vaults, penetrate inaccessible areas and try to steal from criminals as much as possible of most valuable. Keep the cops together so that they cover each other - or take a chance, spread them out over the location and try to look into every corner.
  • Can crime be defeated without turning into a criminal? Zuev’s ruthlessness is the foundation of his power. Can you win without resorting to his own methods? Will you fulfill the requests of desperate citizens if this could jeopardize the whole operation? Do you spare the civilian guards who just do their job, but are on your way? Some people think that in war everything is good, but do not forget: reputation is more expensive than money. Dissatisfied residents of Ripton can easily mix your good name with mud. Merchants will be reluctant to do business with you, and even your own fighters may turn their backs on you.

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