Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition

Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition
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Editions: Standard | Special Edition | Ultimate Edition

What is included in the RDR2: Special Edition?

In addition to the game Red Dead Redemption 2, the Special Edition includes exclusive bonuses for the single campaign:

  • Mission Bank Robbery and Gang Lair
  • Purebred black horse in dark apples
  • Costume shooter from Nuevo Paraiso
  • Talisman and medallion with in-game bonuses
  • Status increases, cash bonuses and discounts
  • 3 weapons for gunsmiths

Bank robbery and gang den in story mode: you will gain access to a quest in which Arthur and his accomplices prepare to clean up the bank of a southern town called Rhodes. In addition, you can find a hacienda captured by members of the Del Lobos gang.

Purebred black horse in dark apples: This fast-legged horse will help you get away from any chase. In addition, you get a Nuevo Paraiso saddle in dark leather trimmed with silver. Horse and saddle are available in story mode.

Talisman and locket with in-game bonuses: these special items from the story mode will make Arthur's life easier. If he attaches an eagle claw talisman to his boots, he will be able to use the orienteering skill in the wild longer. And with an iguana scale, he will take less damage when riding.

Modifiers, cash bonuses and discounts: this set of modifiers, cash bonuses and discounts for the story mode will help Arthur survive in the harsh conditions of the frontier, as well as take care of his associates and camp. Arthur’s stamina, health, and “Sharp Eye” statuses will be increased. A cash bonus will help to get more money from robberies and from the sale of carcasses of animals. You will also receive a discount on all improvements in the Van der Linde gang camp.

Costume shooter from Nuevo Paraiso: this costume from the plot mode is inspired by the clothes of Mexican shepherds and bandits. It includes a wide-brimmed black cowboy hat, a navy blue cloak, worn coarse cloth caps, leather gloves and boots.

Free access to extra weapons: in the Wild West, you always need more weapons. You will get three types of weapons from gunsmiths in story mode for free: Volkanik quick-fire pistol, powerful shotgun or convenient Warmint carbine from Lancaster.

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