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Watch Dogs 2

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You buy Watch Dogs 2 - a license key for activation in Uplay. The purchased key will be sent to your mail, as well as uploaded to your personal account in our store immediately after order payment. You can buy Watch Dogs 2 using any method convenient for you: from bank cards to electronic payment systems.

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About Watch Dogs 2

The first part of Watch Dogs talked about the hacker and his attempts to keep our world in their moral principles. To complete justice, I naturally had to crack ctOS, the system that governs Chicago's life. Watch Dogs 2 continues the basic outline, moving the player to sunny San Francisco and introducing himself to the Deadsec hacker group, the so-called hacktivists who use their computer knowledge against the ubiquitous tracking systems.

In Watch Dogs 2, a completely new character awaits us, Marcus Holloway with his abilities: highly developed movements in the parkour style and with a peculiar fighting style with a billiard ball on a rope as one of the instruments of retaliation. A lot of analogies in the plot of the Watch Dogs 2 game are taken from our reality: for example, a young hacker can print a weapon on a 3D printer, and access to the phones of others is almost a default task.

The environment in San Francisco has become much more interactive. In fact, the developers of Watch Dogs 2 offer the player to choose their style of passage: full stealth through breaking the environment, soft contact with opponents without killing and full action with consequences. The choice is entirely yours!

Although the gameplay resembles the first Watch Dogs, on the whole, the mechanics have become much deeper: ctOS 2.0 covers almost any electronics in the city, and now you can hack far beyond just computers, smartphones or garage doors. In addition, Marcus has at his disposal a small ground-based robot and a quadrocopter, which help him scout the area and break into devices that he cannot reach by himself.

Also, driving a car was completely redone, which made the control of the car much more responsive (albeit more arcade). And finally, no more towers! The whole city is accessible for research from the very beginning.

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