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Language: Russian / English

Release date: 2017

Local / co-op: one player / co-op

The sporty spirit of Project CARS 2 found expression in the ability to go on an arbitrary track with your favorite car at any time of the year. Seriously, don't miss the chance to get positive emotions behind the wheel of a Nissan GT3, Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan GT3 and so on. The important point is that no matter how inexperienced you are in simulations, you will definitely find yourself in some discipline (for me, the outlet was the oval Indycar boxes and the pursuit of an advantage in hundredths of a second).

Career is presented Slightly Mad as one of the cornerstones of the game, but its use is rather in unlockable unique challenges. Developers should make the Championships more intense — there are not enough messages on the radio and emails in the mailbox to imagine themselves in the epicenter of the competition. Some WWE from 2K copes with this much better — with TV interviews and unplanned sparring.

As a result, in the press, Project CARS 2 is praised just for the opportunity to get into Motorsport, and not a reason to evaluate the suspension of a particular car. At the same time, there are opposite opinions — someone writes about meticulous realism, someone, on the contrary, calls Project CARS 2 "okolosimom". For rallycross, it is recommended to go to DiRT Rally, and for "formula" passions - in F1 2017. Asphalt races in Project CARS 2 are praised, among other things-not so flattering reviews. In Steam, there are a lot of claims-they say, the weight in turns is transferred anyhow, the turns themselves are treacherous to the point of horror, you need a steering wheel for a rally…

Nevertheless, Project CARS 2 came for a long time. Thanks to a well-developed eSports kit. Judge for yourself — and the system of selecting opponents is sensible (if you do not hooliganize, then the algorithm will throw polite opponents), and the "soil" for organizing tournaments is sound. And the fact that the roll in "hardcore" is not as soulless as in some simulators, guarantees a wide audience coverage.

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