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Language: Russian, English

Voice: Russian, English

Release Date: 2019

Local co-op: two players

Travel time: 6 hours

Truly scary and exciting games can be counted on the toes of one foot. And games that carry a certain meaning in themselves are even less so. The Dark Pictures anthology aims to bring something new to the interactive thriller genre.

Man of Medan is a non-linear horror movie game with co-op mode. According to the plot, five friends rented a boat and went for diving, but the storm turned their trip into a real hell, where it is necessary to really fight for life. The game takes into account your actions and reacts accordingly. In Man of Medan, you must always remember that any hero can die at any time.

The game boasts advanced cinematic graphics, curious controls in the manner of the Detroit Become Human and a heart-rending soundtrack. Explore the creepy ghost ship alone or with friends and discover its terrible secrets. But be careful - you may not like the truth.

Man of Medan is a game for those who miss the cinematic horror movies, where each decision affects what is happening around. And, of course, this is the perfect game if your task is not to sleep all night.

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Reviews (3)
Дима Клевер
Дима Клевер
Отличная связка двух интерактивных хорроров от Супермассив Геймс, цена приятная, рекомендую к покупке!
Все быстро и чётко. Спасибо
Отличная игра, чтобы нервишки потрепать ночью или в компании друзей. Считай, что посмотрел ужастик и принимаешь в нем участие, развязка была неожиданной для меня. Советую всем любителям жанра интерактивное кино
Admin response
Приятной игры и хорошего настроения!
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